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How to Build a Website that Produces Results

Updated: Mar 25

How to Build a Website that Produces Results

You've come up with what seems like the perfect idea for a new business. You've done a lot of research, put in lots of late hours and you are excited!! You are raring to go and start serving all those eager customers. But wait!!! How will customers even figure out that you exist? And not only that, but how are you going to convince them of the legitimacy of your business and that they really need to buy what you are selling?

Customers are a savvy bunch, no matter what market you're serving. They're not just going to hand over their hard-earned money to you. They want to be informed before purchasing. They want to know exactly what they can expect from you and how your offerings will benefit their lives. And they need to be convinced you are trust-worthy.

And that's going to take some work. Because, not only are your customers smart they're also leery...and with good reason. There are a lot of scammers out there! A lot of fly-by-night businesses that take off with people's money before the work is done. Or companies that do shitty work, which isn't discovered until well after the money has traded hands. Or websites that over-promise and under-deliver. We've all seen them.

This means your customers need to be reassured that your company is legit. That they won't get taken advantage of and that you stand behind what you're selling. They want to feel good about buying from you. They want to feel they're making a well-thought out decision.

And one of the best ways to accomplish this is through a great website!! A website that gives them all the facts; answers all their questions; and creates in them a feeling of confidence. They want to feel your company is worth giving their hard-earned money to. In fact, without a website you are potentially missing out on a great deal of business. So it is absolutely essential to have a website!! But the website needs to be great!!! Not an after-thought.

So what exactly makes a website great?

Well, a great (and effective) website:

Is Simple in design.

Keep your website well organized with adequate amounts of 'white space' to give the eye rest. Don't clutter it up!

Is Easy to navigate.

Navigational bars that include main subject headings divided into subheadings, if required.

Loads properly in all modern web browsers.

Test your website on all web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Etc. You can also use to do this.

Answers all the typical questions your potential customers have.

By having all the typical questions answered you will increase a customer’s confidence in your business. Don’t make them contact you to get the answer…most of them won’t.

Is up to date.

‘Check-in’ with your website on a regular basis. Make sure the dates are accurate, that content is relevant, and information is correct. Having out-of-date information on your website will reduce credibility with your potential clients.

Is free from spelling and grammatical errors.

There are great programs available, such as that make this so easy to do.

Is mobile friendly.

With so many people browsing the web on their cell phones, this is essential. In addition to this, make sure your contact information is easy to find. Bonus points if customers can dial you up instantly by clicking on your phone number.

Has clear and easy-to-find policies (Return Policy, Shipping Policy).

Customers want to know when they can expect to receive what you’re selling and what to do if they’re not satisfied. Be as clear and informative with this information as you can be. It will greatly increase their confidence in your company.

Is reflective of your brand.

Ensure the coloring, font and overall tone of your website is consistent with any other promotional material you have. For example: if your business cards are very elegant and sophisticated in design don’t use Comic Sans as the font on your website.

Has a consistent message through-out.

Customers will pick up on any conflicting information and you will instantly lose credibility with them. Have a friend or family member with a critical eye look through your website or outsource this task. Many virtual assistants offer this service.

Includes credible testimonials.

Nothing increases confidence in your company more effectively than the testimonial of a past client. Ask your satisfied customers for testimonials. And then add them to your site!!

Following these suggestions will ensure your website effectively represents your company and will create the confidence your customers need to make them excited to purchase from you!!

If you've got some tips you'd like to share about creating an effective website, please leave them in a comment below. I'd love to pass them along.

Wishing you all the best in your business,


Christa Scheffer is the Virtual Assistant behind DCS Admin Services. She's been a lifelong entrepreneur and is passionate about helping other business owners succeed. You can contact her at


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