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Welcome to DCS Admin Services, your partner in achieving efficiency and excellence. As your trusted Edmonton Virtual Assistant, I provide a diverse array of administrative support, digital marketing solutions, and personal concierge services. My goal is to help you find that much-needed balance and peace in both your life and business.

Services Overview
Admin Services

Administrative Tasks

  • Creating Quotes and Bids: Crafting compelling and competitive quotes and bids to win your clients.

  • Invoicing Clients: Efficiently managing your invoicing process, ensuring timely payments.

  • Documenting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Ensuring seamless operations through clear and detailed SOPs.

  • Managing Payment to Suppliers and Vendors: Keeping your financials in order and ensuring smooth transactions.

  • Following Up with Overdue Client Payments: Nudging clients to meet their payment commitments without awkward conversations.

  • Addressing Customer Service Inquiries via Email: Providing top-notch customer support through prompt and helpful email responses.

  • Placing Job Ads, Pre-Screening Applicants & Setting Up Interviews: Assisting with your hiring process from job posting to interview coordination and more.

  • Onboarding: Setting up new clients or new employees to begin working with you.

  • CRM Set Up & Management: Entering and managing your client database.

Digital Marketing

  • Promo Items and Sales Literature: Designing and creating promotional items to boost your brand awareness.

  • Setting Up Email Automations: Streamlining your communication and engagement through automated email sequences.

  • Executing Email Marketing Campaigns: Engaging your audience with targeted and effective email campaigns.

  • Designing Social Media Graphics: Captivating your audience with eye-catching visuals on social platforms.

  • Creating E-books: Delivering valuable content to your audience in the form of informative e-books.

  • Developing Webinar Graphics: Enhancing your webinar presentations with engaging graphics.

  • WordPress & Wix Website Maintenance: Keeping your online presence polished and up-to-date.

Digital Marketig


Personal Assistant Services

  • Gift Shopping: Sourcing and selecting thoughtful gifts for special occasions or business-related gestures.

  • Home Organization: Helping clients create organized and peaceful home environments.

  • Home Maintenance Coordination: Managing and scheduling home repairs, maintenance, and improvement projects.

  • Pet Care: Providing pet-sitting, dog walking, or arranging veterinary appointments for furry companions.

  • Event Planning: Assisting in planning and organizing personal events, celebrations, or business-related gatherings.

  • Travel Planning: Handling travel arrangements, including booking flights, accommodations, and transportation.

  • Calendar Management: Efficiently scheduling both personal and professional appointments, meetings, and events.


Ready to bring balance to your life and elevate your business? Contact me today to explore how DCS Admin Services can tailor these tasks to meet your unique needs. Let's make your goals a reality.

Please note: If there's an administrative, marketing, or concierge task you require that isn't listed, please contact me. It's likely that it can be incorporated into my service offerings.

Personal Assistant

Are You in Need of a Virtual Assistant?

Overwhelmed by Administrative Tasks?

Running a business or managing your daily life often means dealing with a never-ending stream of administrative tasks. From emails that never stop to paperwork that seems to multiply on its own, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

Struggling to Juggle Marketing Demands?

In today's digital age, marketing is essential, but it can be complex and time-consuming. The pressure to maintain an online presence, craft compelling campaigns, and analyze data can be daunting.

Reluctant to Dive into Full-Time Hiring?

Hiring full-time staff brings its own set of challenges – office space, equipment, employee benefits, statutory holiday pay, and contributions to CPP and EI. It's a significant commitment, and you may not be ready for it.


Missing That Personal Touch?

In the age of remote work, genuine, in-person connections can be rare. Sometimes, you need more than a screen to connect and collaborate effectively.

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