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5 Signs Your Business is Ready for a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

By Christa Scheffer

As a business owner, I'm familiar with the temptation to do everything myself. Not only to save money but also because my business is my "baby" and it's difficult for me to trust other people with it. But in reality, this is very small and short-sighted thinking, even if it is fueled by a genuine desire to do what is best.

Bringing someone into our business can, in fact, be the catalyst we need to propel our business growth. When we decide to invest time and energy into finding someone to help us and add additional talent to our arsenal, it frees us up to focus more intently on taking steps of upward momentum. do you know if your business is ready for a Virtual Assistant? Here are five signs to watch for:

  1. You are no longer enjoying the work you do. Do you remember that feeling of total exuberance when you first started your business? You'd feel so excited working on your business that it felt more like a hobby than a responsibility. Yup...well, that's gone. Replaced by a feeling of tiredness and boredom. Reality has hit, running a business is hard work and there are a lot of not-so-glamorous tasks that need to be done.

  2. Working too many long hours. If you're burning the candle at both ends you will eventually burn out. Studies have shown that repeatedly not getting enough rest impacts how well we do our work. Rest allows our minds to re-energize which leads to greater creativity and improved productivity.

  3. Spending too much time on administrative tasks. In any business, there is a lot of work to be done that doesn't necessarily move the needle but is important nonetheless. Administrative tasks often fall into this category. It's the not-so-glamorous side of owning a business. But, if you're spending all your energy working on administrative tasks, who is growing your business?

  4. Your business growth has stalled. Back to point three. To reiterate: if you are spending your energy on tasks that don't reward you with growth, your business will stall. It is a waste of your talent! The investment of hiring a virtual assistant is very worthwhile, as it will free you up to become actively focused on getting new clients, selling more products, product/service development, marketing, etc. These are the areas that are worth your time and energy!

  5. Your health is suffering. It is no secret....most entrepreneurs can, and do, work incredibly hard. The excitement we feel about our business propels us to spend enormous amounts of energy on it. We often don't even feel like it's 'work'. And for the most part, this is not a bad thing, if kept in check. Eventually, if it goes on too long, our health can start to suffer. Perhaps we start to feel exhausted or begin experiencing heartburn, chest pain, or just an overall stressed-out feeling. All these symptoms can be a sign that our health is starting to suffer from the lack of balance in our lives.

In conclusion, it can feel like a giant, scary step to bring someone on board in your business. Yet, if we're careful to find the right individual, they can be a tremendous blessing. A virtual assistant can take a lot of responsibilities off your plate and allow you to get back to growing your empire!

Christa Scheffer is the Virtual Assistant behind DCS Admin Services. She's been a lifelong entrepreneur and is passionate about helping other business owners succeed. You can contact her at


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