Hourly Rate

$35/ Hour

Time is tracked in 15-minute intervals.

Billed monthly O.A.C.


Monthly Packages
Save money by buying a Monthly Package!

5 Hours: $160 Save $15

10 hours: $315 Save $35


25 Hours: $750 Save $125


Package rates are payable upon receipt of order.
Time is tracked in 15-minute intervals.

Unused hours expire after 30 days. Packaged rates are non-refundable.



Project Pricing
Best suited for specific projects.
Starting at $100 - Contact for further details
50% is due upon receipt of order.

Remainder due upon completion.


To discuss your particular business needs, please book a free consultation with us. 

Rates are quoted in CDN$.

Call or Text

T: 780-278-9703

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