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Reliable Support for Small Business Owners

Helping You with Your Administrative & Marketing Tasks, as well as Your Everyday Errands, So You Can Focus on Your Business.


The Hidden Costs of Going at it Alone

As a business owner, you've likely experienced the daily hustle of trying to manage it all on your own - as I have. The weight of administrative tasks, marketing demands, and personal responsibilities can be overwhelming. But have you considered the true cost of not enlisting the support of a Virtual Assistant?

Missed Opportunities: Every day, valuable opportunities slip through the cracks. Whether it's potential clients you couldn't reach in time or strategic partnerships left unexplored, each missed chance impacts your growth potential.

Declining Productivity: The more you take on, the less you're able to excel in any one area. Your productivity dwindles, and important tasks fall behind schedule, leading to slower business growth.

Brand Erosion: Neglecting marketing efforts leads to a fading brand presence. In this digital age we live in, maintaining a strong online presence is essential. When you're too busy, your brand takes a hit, and your competitors start gaining ground.

Burnout and Health Costs: Balancing the relentless demands of work and life without adequate support often results in burnout and declining health. Stress and exhaustion have significant personal and financial consequences.

Limited Personal Time: A lack of work-life balance leaves you with limited time for the things that truly matter—family, personal pursuits, and relaxation. This imbalance begins to affect your quality of life in a major way.

The True Price of Independence

While the do-it-myself entrepreneurial spirit is very commendable (I've struggled with this myself), the hidden costs of not seeking support can be substantial. Missed opportunities, dwindling brand presence, declining health, and compromised personal time—all these factors can have a profound impact on your business and life. And ultimately can lead to a major burnout. Get some help and make your business fun again!

Unlock Your Path to Success: Hire Me to be Your Virtual Assistant 


Imagine what it would be like to regain control of your time, seize opportunities, and nurture your well-being. When you hire me as your Virtual Assistant, you can rest easily knowing that all the things you hate doing are getting done - so you can get back to focus on the things you love.

Client Feedback
Pen, notebook, and smartphone on the table


“Christa is a true gem in the virtual assistant industry. She is consistent in her goal of excellence, often completing projects that meet and exceed our expectations. She uses her intuition of the business world along with her skills and resources to add a level of attention to detail unmatched by those in her industry."


“Christa is the best administrative professional I know. She has a rare combination of strategic vision paired with detail-oriented focus. She is someone you can trust with your most important business tasks. I absolutely recommend her!"


About Me

Welcome! I'm Christa, your dedicated Edmonton & Area Virtual Assistant. As a business owner, I understand the challenges you face daily. The constant demands of administrative tasks, marketing efforts, and managing a personal life can be overwhelming.

Imagine what it would be like to regain control of your time, seize opportunities, and nurture your well-being. That's precisely what I'm here to help you achieve.

With my comprehensive Edmonton and Area Virtual Assistant services, you can thrive in both your business and personal life. The question is, how much are you willing to pay for the cost of not having the support you truly need? Isn't it time to explore how my services can transform your business and life today?

What Sets Me Apart:

  • You Only Pay for the Work I Do: No wasted resources. You only pay for the services you require, making it a cost-effective solution for your business.

  • Prepaid Hourly Packages: You'll purchase hours upfront, akin to a retainer, eliminating payroll taxes and employee benefits. At month's end, you'll receive a detailed report breaking down the services provided during that period.

  • My Own Equipment and Software: No need to invest in additional equipment or software. I come fully prepared with everything needed to handle your tasks efficiently.

  • Efficiency is Key: I value your time and prioritize efficiency. Tasks are completed promptly, allowing you to focus on what matters most—growing your business.

  • In-Person Availability: Unlike your typical virtual assistant, I bridge the gap between virtual support and personal connection. I'm available to meet in-person when needed, offering a level of service that goes beyond the screen.

By working with me, you're not just hiring a virtual assistant; you're gaining a dedicated partner invested in your success. Let's transform the way you manage your business and life.


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